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Related post: Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 17:03:22 GMT From: "" Subject: Adult/Youth - Rest Stop 25It got real quiet in the back seat over the next few miles and I could see the boys leaning against each other and speaking in low tones I couldn't really hear over the road noise. I was glad they could child erotic gallery pick up right where they left off. We stopped by Kyle's apartment to drop him nude children gay off and his mom met us in the driveway."Thanks for being so kind, Mike," she Vintage chili recipes said as she pulled me to the side. "Mike has never been happier. I child naturis pictures think he needs a positive male influence in his life and the extra time you and your family have spent with him has given him such a boost. Having his friend this weekend got him very excited, too.""It's really not a problem at all, Mrs. Swensen," I said, "He seems to fit right in and, to tell you the truth, I enjoy having another guy around.""I'm taking Kyle out to the mall and dinner tonight," she said, "We have some things to discuss. I hope you don't mind, but I would like to go back to my sister's house Saturday and Sunday to help her out. Can you keep Kyle?""Sure, I was planning on having him over on Saturday after the child boy porn game anyway," I said, "and since he's driving with me on Sunday to take Jamie home, I'll just bring him home with me. Make sure he has school clothes with him for Monday.""You are so kind," she said as she leaned in and gave me a kiddy child porn kiss on the cheek. "I'll drop him by your house tomorrow morning nude child links around 8:30 when I leave for my sister's.""Great! We'll see you childporno vids then." I said as I waved to child girls xxx Kyle and motioned for Jamie to get into the front seat of the car. We backed out of the driveway and headed home."Why can't Kyle come home with us now?" Jamie asked."I don't know. His mom said he's taking him to dinner and has something important to talk to him about," I replied. I had childs nude movies wondered what was so important when she said it. I hope she didn't have plans to disrupt Kyle's life even more, especially when he had been so happy lately."Oh," he said. I could see the same thoughts running through his head. Usually when parents set you up like that child pornoxxx gallery for a big important talk, it's not good."Hey Jamie!" I said, startling him out of his thoughts. He looked up at me with those beautiful eyes, waiting for my next words. "Can you drive?""You mean, like, a car?""No, a bulldozer," I mocked, "Of course, a car!""Uh, no, I'm too young to drive," he said. Looking dejected."Well let's do something about that!" I said as I turned into the parking lot of an abandoned supermarket I knew of. I parked, turned off the ignition and got out and went to the passenger's side. I opened the door and motioned for Jamie to get out."Do you really mean it?" he squealed. "I mean, I have read everything I can about driving, I even got the books from the Motor Vehicle Department when I children 12yo nudist went there with my mom, but I though it would be years before top child porn I could try." He ran to the driver's side and slid in behind the wheel and closed the children dose lasix door. "Now what do I do?""First you adjust the seat so you can reach the steering wheel and the pedals," I instructed. He felt for the buttons and adjusted the seat to his liking. "Then adjust the mirrors so you can see behind you." He got them adjusted and looked at me for his next task.I showed him how to start the car child fucking galleries put it in gear and get it moving. It was an automatic so it wasn't that hard. I nudist child gallery had him accelerate a bit and then brake so he could get the feel of it. Next we did some turns and practiced stopping and backing up. He had a determined look on his face the whole time and I was proud of him."Stop right over there next to the curb," I said, and he obeyed and pulled up nicely to the curb. "Put it in park and shut the engine off." He did and took a big breath and let it out."Whew! That was fun, but I'm all tensed up in my shoulders," he said. "Thanks for letting me drive, Mike." I reached over and rubbed his shoulders until I felt him relax a bit."Let's swap places chillporn cunt pics and head for home," I said. He boobs nudist child slid over to the passenger's seat and I took the wheel and hit the road for the short drive home. We pulled into the garage and Jamie was still high from his driving experience."Don't mention the driving thing to my wife or she'll go ballistic," I said as we got out of the car."I won't say a word," he promised, still grinning. We got his duffel and went into child porn mpg the house."Lynn, Kelley, we're home!" loita child porn I announced. Kelley came running to meet us while Lynn yelled hello from the kitchen and then caught up to us in the hall. "This is Jamie, Kyle's friend that we met at the soccer camp.""Hello Jamie," Lynn said, "Haven't I seen you before? You look familiar to me.""I don't think so Ma'am," he replied. He looked up at me quizzically."Hi Jamie!" said Kelley as she grabbed him in a big hug and planted a kiss on his lips."This is Kelley, Jamie," I explained, "She is just glad to see you.""I'm happy to meet you guys, too!" he anal child porn said. He reached to shake Lynn's hand and then returned Kelly's hug with one of his own."OK let's japanese child sex get out of the hallway and get settled. Kelley, can you show Jamie the guest room and help him get settled."Kelley took his hand and led him city nudist child and his duffel bag down the hall 3d child porn to the guest bedroom. Lynn and I went into the kitchen to see tpg child porn how dinner childporno childsex photo was coming along."Mike, I hope girl child funlumpkins you don't mind, but I got a call from my brother and he wants Kelley and me to come up this weekend. I figured you would be busy with the soccer game and the boys, so I said we would. Is that OK with you?" she asked."Sure, I guess we can manage," I said, "We'll be busy most of the weekend anyway.""It will give Kelley a chance to catch up with her cousins, too," she said, "They will be so excited to see her." I bet they would after what Kelley told me about them. I didn't dare bring that up to Lynn and nude chil betray Kelley's confidence, but I would have childporn pics xxx to have a talk with her about those activities with her cousins."When are you planning to go?" I asked."We'll leave in the morning, probably eight o'clock or so," she answered, "It's a long ride and I boys children porno want to get an early start." adult child videos Kelley and Jamie came into the kitchen and hung around the table."When's dinner?" Kelley asked."Right now. Go wash up and show Jamie where to wash up, too," Lynn instructed. They ran to the bathroom and I could hear the water running and them giggling. They ran back into the kitchen and held their hands out for us to check. "OK, have a seat,"Lynn served and we ate and the kids giggled and laughed and poked each other. It sex children mpeg was really pic porn child something how Kelley lit up when there was another kid in the house. After dessert Jamie and Kelley and I went into the child porn images family room and plunked ourselves down on the couch in front of the television. The kids sat on either side of me and I draped my arms over each of their shoulders. They both snuggled into me as they mindlessly watched the show on the TV. I let my right hand dip down onto Jamie's chest and it brushed over his nipple. He twitched and then pressed back into my hand. I circled his nipple lightly and then lightly pinched it. He seemed to be enjoying it. I felt Kelley's hand on mine and she was moving it toward her chest. I got the distinct message that she wanted me to do the same to her, though she couldn't possibly have seen what I was doing to Jamie. She laid my hand flat on her chest and I could feel her little breast bud on my palm through the fabric of her top. I slowly and lightly circled it with my palm and felt it harden under my attention. Now I had a hard nipple in each hand! I took children fucking hardcore both of them between my thumb and forefinger and tweaked them. I could see a rise in Jamie's shorts and I could hear Kelley's breathing get deeper and more rapid. I felt guilty getting these two preteens excited like this. Besides, I was getting a boner, too!"Kelley, can you come in here and help, please," Lynn yelled from the kitchen. Kelley didn't move for a few seconds, but when I took my hand from her chest she sighed and slid off the couch."Do I have to?" she whined."Yes, you do!""OK Mom!" she said and went to the kitchen."Jamie and I are going out to the lab," I announced as I grabbed Jamie's hand and led indonesian child tgp him to the garage. "Get those models out of the anime children porn console, we can't gay child rape leave them hanging gay child tgp around!" Jamie fished the dicks out of the console and met me at the door of the lab."So, this is where the mad scientist works?" he kidded."Welcome the beauties child to my laboratory," I said in my best horror movie voice. I unlocked the door on turned on the lights. Jamie looked around and I could tell he was impressed but didn't see what he was expecting. I led him to the cabinet and drawers child incest galery containing the models and allowed him to examine them carefully."Wow, these are awesome!" he said. "I can't believe how realistic they are." I pulled the aluminum cases out child pics porn and opened them to reveal the molds and their controllers and associated wiring. "Neat!""Want to try yours?" I asked."Sure!" he responded. I took his out and laid it out on the table. Then I pulled Jamie over to me and I pulled his shorts and underwear down and off. I was hoping to do it fast enough that he would be full-on hard by the time I was ready to insert his penis into the unit. As soon as his pants were down I picked up the tube of lube and squirted some in my palm and ran it over his dick. He was rising rapidly, so I quickly slid it over his dick before it hardened child webcam up to the max. As soon as I let it slide home, he let out a groan and thrust forward into the mold. "Wow! That's unbelievable!""If you think that's good, wait until we hook you up to the model!" I said."Can you do that?" he asked."I childporno free guess child nudist free I can," I rusian child fuck said. "Sit here facing the computer and web cam and I'll hook this up in child masturbating pics the office. I have to lock the door, but you'll hentia child see me on the monitor." I put Jamie's model in an aluminum case and took it to the office. I locked the door to the office and quickly chills early pregnancy hooked up the controller to my office computer. I was ready to fire this baby up. I brought Jamie up on the computer monitor."Can you see me, Jamie?" I asked."Yeah, I can see you fine," child fuck photo he replied."Are you still hard?" I asked. He nodded so I took his model in my hand and gripped it gently."I can feel you holding my peter!" he exclaimed. I put a little lube on my fingers and free pics children circled his model nude child video with my thumb and forefinger and ran it up and down the silicon shaft."Oh, my God! I can feel you going up and down on it!" I picked up the speed and wrapped my whole hand around the model of his dick. chill pics "Now you're jerking me off! It feels so awesome. Can I cum in this thing Mike?""Sure, that's what the hole in the end is children porno pics for," I replied. I kept up the pace and then slid rapidly up and art child nude down on the head of the model, letting the ridge of the head rub between my thumb and forefinger. Jamie's eyes were closed and his head tilted back and schoolgirls sex children I heard him panting and moaning. I took my hand off of it and brought chil fuck the model to my mouth. I really was curious if this thing would be sensitive to pick up the subtle movements and sensations of lips and tongue on its surface. I slid it between my lips and played my tongue over the head and down the underside of the shaft. I could see it was doing its job illegal kds child by the reaction from Jamie. His eyes popped open and he tried to focus on the monitor."Are you sucking me now?" he child porn 13yo asked."Yeah, how is it?" I asked as I popped off the top of the model."It's great, but I get everything but the warm wet feeling of your mouth," he sexi child replied. "I can feel your tongue fisting incest child moving and your lips going up and down." I went back down on it and did some serious bobbing, taking it from the tip to the root rapidly. I could see in the monitor that it was having its effect on Jamie. One advantage of using the model was that my view was not limited to the immediate vicinity of his crotch. I was free Nude child magazines to watch his reactions and expressions. Right now his eyes were closed and he was clutching chill kds pics the outside of the mold tightly to his pelvis. I could hear him moan and see his head move from side to side. I knew he was polen nude children very close so nudist russian child I took it as deep as I could and nursed on it like a calf on a teat. He pushed up into the mold and quivered. I lolota child wished I was there in reality to taste his young load, but I did see a spurt come from the relief hole in the mold. Then I saw another and Jamie relaxed and sunk back into the chair. I took the model out of my mouth and porno children klips child nudity galleries returned child ass whooping it and the controller to the aluminum case and brought it with me as I hurried back to the lab.I unlocked the lab and found Jamie still sitting there with the mold brazilian nudist child on his lap. I went over to him and I could see the cum weeping from the hole in the mold apparatus. I leaned over and put my lips to the hole and gently sucked the cum out. I slowly lifted it child incest photos off his dick. He had softened enough that it plopped out of the mold easily. There was a little residual semen on the mold I licked off and then went to my knees and cleaned the rest off from the source. I swear he started to get hard again right away, so I gently took his dick into my mouth, only to be pushed away."Ooh, it's still too tickly yet!" he said. I took the mold to the bench and cleaned the rest of the remaining lube and body fluids off it with alcohol and a swab. Jamie had calmed down by then and had his shorts back illegal children videos on."So, what do you think of my invention?" I asked."It's really cool!" he said, "Not pics children sex exactly like the real thing, but a lot better japan chill porn than jerking off. It's better knowing someone child preeten else is really doing it.""How were the sensations?" I asked, "Did it really feel like being touched?""Not exactly, but it helped seeing what you were doing gay child pix on the child pic sexy monitor." he replied. "Can you make the touches could be stronger, maybe?""Yes, I can adjust the intensity, but that will have to wait until next time," I said as I packed the unit away in the case. "Right now, I think we had better make ourselves seen in yung children sex the house with Lynn and Kelley.""But I wanted to do something for you now," Jamie whined."Believe me, there's nothing I could want more, but we need to make an appearance child mpg now." I said. "We'll make up for it later, I promise!"I rushed him out of the lab and locked it behind us. I stopped Jamie in the garage and checked him over for any signs of what we had been doing. He was fine, so I gave him child fuck gallery a swat on the behind and we went into the kitchen. Everything had been cleaned up and there was no sign of the girls."Hey, where is everybody!" I yelled."We're upstairs packing!" Lynn responded. We nudes children followed her voice and went upstairs to see them both busy packing clothes for their trip to Lynn's brother's place. Jamie peeled of at Kelley's room illegal child fuck and I went ahead to children illegal movies the master bedroom.Lynn had her suitcase on the bed and was carefully laying in items of clothing for their trip. She always was an over-packer, but never was at a loss child naked hentai for what she needed in any situation. I perfunctorily offered my help, knowing it would be refused, and excused myself. I made my way back down child girls russian to the family room and plunked down in front of the TV.Jamie saw much the same scene in Kelley's room. Her mom had taught her well and she was skilled in the practice of packing. She had items of clothing folded and stacked neatly on the bed next to her porno child japan adult fucking childs little suitcase, in piles that coincided with the number of days they would be there."Whatcha doing Kelley?" Jamie asked."I'm packing, silly!" she answered with a giggle."You sure are neat about it," Jamie said, "I usually just throw stuff in my duffel bag and hope I have what I need.""I'm more organized," Kelley said, "Here are my tops and here are my shorts, and here is my bathing suit, and here are my panties," she giggles again as she realized she just pointed out her panties."Where is your bra?" Jamie asked, looking through the piles on the bed."I don't wear a bra yet! I'm too small for that!""Let me see," said Jamie."See?" said Kelley as she lifted up her shirt and bared child porno movies her flat chest with little nipples on tiny mounds. "I don't have enough to put a bra on." Jamie stepped closer and bent down to examine the area more closely."Looks like you will be getting bigger soon, though," he observed."Do you really think so?" she asked excitedly. He reached over and felt her breast with his palm and then gently circled her nipple with his thumb and forefinger. It immediately hardened and russian naked child lengthened at his touch."Oh, yeah, for sure," asians sex child he said. "I think you are going to have nice ones." He reached out and touched the other one the same way while she held up her shirt."That feels good!" she moaned."Does fucking children gallery it feel as good as when Kyle did it to you?" he asked. Kelley pulled her shirt down and made a scowl."He told you about what we did?" she asked."Yeah, we're best friends and we do stuff like that to each other sometimes, too.""You do?" she asked. "Do you like, touch each other's, like, thingies?""Yeah, like you and Kyle did," he said. "Do you want to do it with me, too?""I don't, know," she pussy chil said, "Sort of....""Maybe we can do it tonight, we don't have time now," Jamie proposed."OK, we can do it tonight after Mom and Dad go to bed," she said. "I can see that you want to, 'cause yours is already standing up in you shorts!" She reached over and put her hand on the spot that was tenting out and he leaned into her. She grabbed his penis through his silky shorts and rubbed up and down on it. He pulled back quickly."Whew, not now," he childlover r ygold said, "I like it, but we don't have time. Let's wait until tonight." He couldn't wait to see her naked and check out all those other mysterious bits Kyle had told him about on the phone. He wanted to see what pussy smelled and tasted like."Kelley, Jamie!" Mike yelled as he knocked on Kelley's door. "I ordered pizza and it will be here any minute. Get washed up and come downstairs.""OK, Dad," Kelley answered. She grabbed Jamie's hand and led him to her bathroom."Kelley, I have to pee first," he said."Go ahead," she pointed at the toilet. "Can I watch?""OK, if I can watch you, too," he answered. She nodded her head, child art modles so Jamie pulled his shorts down and released his half hard pecker and lined it up with the bowl. Kelley watched, fascinated, as he coaxed his penis into action and a strong rusian sex children stream began making bubbles in the toilet. His pecker softened up as he finished peeing and he shook the last few drops into the bowl. He reached for the handle to flush it, but Kelley's hand stopped him."No, let me go first," she said. She stepped out of her shorts and panties and straddled the toilet. She barely sat down and child tits sex leaned back to give Jamie the best view. He could see the bare slit and puffy mound of her little pussy plainly and bent closer for a good look. She stiffened a bit and then he saw a stream of yellow liquid begin to flow in a childporn videos split stream to the water below. He watched until the flow subsided and saw the last drops glistening mom child hentai on child nudist erotica her pussy. Kelley reached for the toilet paper and swiped the moistness off of herself and hopped off the toilet. Her hit the handle and flushed their combined pee and the toilet paper hentai child pics off into the sewers. She pulled her panties and shorts back on and they washed together at the sink.
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